Disney & Universal Orlando

Disney & Universal Orlando.
This is dedicated to my MANY trips to Disney and Universal Studios. I live in Orlando, and have Passes for both Universal and Disney parks.

I will also hold Contests for you to win Official Disney and Universal merch, as well as take requests for the types of pics you want to see on here, or types of prizes you would like to try and win.

I am glad to answer any park related questions!


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Skull and Tiki from Adventureland


New parade at Magic Kingdom

Universal Studios. Photo By David Hanjani


There have been no updates in quite a while

I assure you lots are coming!

Ornaments from Sea World

Bumblebee outside Universal Orlando for the announcement of the Transformers ride

Should I post Busch Gardens/ Sea World stuff too, or keep it Disney and Universal?

Also, LegoLand, and other parks?


  • Old Splendid China cover you would get with your photograph.

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TONIGHT!!! Let the fear begin!! Halloween Horror Nights 22 officially kicks off tonight!!

Theme song for Disney’s 24 hour “One More Disney Day”

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Ocean Trader Market - IOA

IOA - Ocean Trader Market

Intro audio at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

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Universal Studios Orlando Islands of Adventure lighthouse

Gumby and Pokey visit Universal Studios and Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

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